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KRISTA READ THIS AND TELL ME IF THEY WILL TAKE IT. I JUST DID IT ON DRUGS NOT PEER PRESSURE. im going to re do it after i turn it in b/c i wrote it in 2 sec.

“I just wanted to try it once and it just got out of hand, I’m doing this every weekend and threw out the week.” said an anonymous student. “Its fun and me and my friends do it, I don’t regret doing it, and I love it.”
More and more teens are doing drugs. They try it once think its fun and keep abusing the fact that they can get away with it.
According to statistics in 2001 37.7% of teens started abuse of Marijuana. Teens don’t realize the effects that using this drug can have on them, so they keep on smoking the so called drug “pot.”
Maybe if teens were more educated on drugs they might not want to try it. But then again telling them the effects that the drug gives them they might want to try it even more.
Abuse of Marijuana, Cough and cold pills and other drugs can have long and short term effects.
Smoking Marijuana lowers your reaction time for your motor skills like driving by 41% after smoking just one joint, and 63% after smoking just two. Teens usually smoke one to two joints each time they decided to smoke.
Marijuana contains more than 400 different kinds of chemicals so by smoking this you can cause great damage to your lung tissues and studies show one hour after smoking you have a great risk of having a heart attack.
Teens don’t just smoke pot but take pills you can buy right in stores. Over the counter drugs such as cough and cold pills gives them the “high” that they want.
But teens don’t understand that abusing this medicine is very dangerous.
Abusing this drug causes your spine to bleed and damages the liver which you need to live. Teens think it’s worth it but in 20 years when you are laying on your death bed waiting for a liver transplant is it really worth it?
Robo, Skittles AKA Triple C’s things with DXM in them are being stolen from stores all over. So bad that stores had to put them away in pharmacies from losing their profits and to save teens lives.
You don’t have to go as far as the store to get over the counter cold medicine to get the “high” that teens want. House hold products such as keyboard cleaner, paint thinners and even Freon, the stuff used in your air conditioner is used to get high.
Freon is been abused a lot just as much as other things. It’s easy to find and it’s a fast high for teens.
“I have used Freon and I loved it, I know what the risks are using it and I still do It.” said an anonymous student.
It’s simple to get. Using just one nail and a baggie sticking it to your air conditioners Freon and sucking the air from the bag is all that’s done. The 30 second high is what you get from it.
The risks? Passing out, dieing. Freezing up your lungs and you can’t breath anymore. Most of all killing your brain cells, which helps be smart and learn. And yet it’s still done.
Whippets are more likely to get stolen from stores which are the same as Freon. Gives you the same effects.
“I do drugs, I never thought that I would and I used to think it was bad.” Said a Teen “I said that I would never try them and then I was pressured into doing them to look cool and now I do them a lot.”
Do teens wish that they didn’t try them or ever start doing them?
“No I like doing them” said one teen “I don’t regret it at all” she stated.
Drugs are being abused all over. Friends don’t let friends try drugs. If you are going to try drugs read up about them. There are very high risks and a lot of teens have died from using the products to get high. Just think about it the next time you do it, after all it could be your last.

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I had alot of FUN this break.
Its been the best.
Last night i spent the night with stina and becca. We had a BLAST.
Today Jen and Ben came to their house and we all hung out. YYAAYYY
Later hoez.

The rest of these crazy pics are on my myspace!
check em out...www.myspace.com/kristinsaysbang


So Kristins dreams CAME TRUE last NIGHT!!!
oommmmggg you guys would bt so excited for me if I actually wrote in here what happend haha.
Movies last night SO MUCH FUN! go there with becca and hung out with the homies for the most part. Then ther were these red neck idiot ppl and we got into a fight wiht them! haha they had this long as knife with a LONG AS BLADE and they were going to cut this kid. Me and becca were all up in there faces and shit. We fought wiht them for like 30 min. Then were talking to jimmy and hes like lets go drive. So we were walking to this kid travises car and these wigger guy that was wiht them and the one main guy we were fightin wiht was right in front of us and they were saying shit and i walked rightt ibetween them and they were saying shit and i was like "ohh ur so big n bad cuz you dress like a fucing wigger" haha he got ppiiisseeeddd oh well we got into the awesome car and went to drive away and they threw some food shit at the car and trais was pissed so we backed up and fought wiht them some more. The after like 20 min we got into the car went to 711 then the movies then he park/pool. We stayed ther fo awhile talking and doing shit. Then went back to the movies at like 10:30 and my moms was soo pissed at me.
she so knew i lied to her.
oh well it was so worth it.
haha i had alottt of fun.
i cant wait to tell EEVVVEERRRYYOONNNEEE
man krista i wanna tell you somthing!! you might be excited and mad idk.


haha LAST NIGHT was like so much fun and was SO CRAZY.
So I was at Kristinas house to spend the night and Beth was supposed to come over and hang out but then we wanted to leave so we went to "Sonneys" so we could be gone for like 3 hours.
But Beth came in her car with Deanna and then Carlose Eric Jimmy Deannas BF and his friend was in Deannas BFs car. We got in the car Me becca and stina and we went to the Dead End for some fun. But then were like no we wanna go to someones house so we figured hey lets go to an ABANDONED house haha yeah. So we went to this house that was creepy scary and crazy with no lights and all the walls in it were knocked down and there was glass and shit EVERYWHERES haha. Well Stina, Deanna, Deannas BF and Friend left to go to the store for a min while Me Carlose Becca Jimmy and Eric stayed in the house an sscoped it out. Haha the guys went around to make sure that the house was safe and no one was in it (haha how nice right?) carlose was all like whoa and cheking under beds and shit. Then it was dark an all we had was a light from our cells phones and a lighter. So everyone was scaring everyone. Then they had this idea to go into the master bed room and shut the door and all of us stayed in there haha yeah then eric set shorts on fire then they had another bright idea to start a fire in the fire place. haha so they took it to the fire place and started it and there all like "we will go get fire wood" haha "big stong men" anywho so the fire became relly big then carlose had this stick and he lit it like a toarch cuz he put a shirt on the end was he was all walking around and it was soo funny. Then the shirt like peices droped so it started lil fires everywhere that he had to put out THEN his shoe cught on fire haha it was really funny. Then they threw this bear in the fire and eveyrthing was soo smokey. So we were walking around and shit. then i guess this lady saw the 2 cars and the smoke and she called the cops haha. Kristina Deanna and them came back they walked in the door and they wre like "WTFFFFF!!!!" haha it as soo funny then the bear fell outta the fire and the fire fell outa the fire place and everything started CATCHING ON FIRE!! haha it was soo funny. they told us about the cops and we were like SHIT and we all ditched that joint. haha but someone was so stupid and shrew a blaket on the fire on the flore trying to put it out and it just made it worse!!! haha we took off fucking running. we ran sooo fucking fast! all of us did but stina beth and carlose stayed back to put the fire out luckly lol or the whole hosue would have cought on fire. haha man were so stupid. Then we went to taco bell and ate and deanna and her bf lost there purse and wallet so they thought we took it? so we all got searched. lol we wenre in taco bell and beth comes in saying were getting searched and i was all freaking out cuz yeah and lol it was so funny i thought the cops were searching us. then They they all took stina and becca back to the house to serch for it while me carlose beth eric and jimmy stayed at taco bell and had alot of fun in beths car haha were so stupid for doing tha shit in a parking lot. Then they all came back and were mad at us cuz we got da partay started with out them haha then we got REALLY SEARCHED!!! again lol then beht was all crazy driving anss thre was 7 ppl stuffed in here car and i had to help her see and shit and i was soo scard we were going to crash.
then i spent the night at stins and we had more fun.
so that was our CRAZY ADVENTURE lol me and my friends have so much fucking FUN!!


So nothing news happning. I used zzanngggaaa
www.xanga.com/blackendays <--- my xanga

My cousin got moved today to Jacksonville. I went and saw him yesterday at the Hospital, nothing new. he still just sits in his bed looks around and moves his arm and leg. Hes going up there for thearpy. Im going to be going up there to see him like everyweekend or every other weekend. I dont think im going this weekend, But most likly next weekend. I hope mabe up there he will wake up and get better soon so he can come home and take us on some more adventures or somthing. iidddkk i never thoguht somthing this bad would happen to my family once again. But it did.
I might be getting my car soon. I went online looking for some today. I found like ten so when my dad gets home from work Im going to have him look at them and call the places so maybe there wil be a good deal or somthing and maybe i might get me CAR!! yyyaayy im excited. I found some good ones online.

I want schol to come faster. Im so sick of sitting at home and doing nothing all day I wanna go to school even tho I friggen hate it. I want the weekend to be here too. Im not doing anything I dont think but I just want it here.
Do we have school monday? I dunno i dont think we do tho.
MICHELLE WHEN ARE YOU COMMING BACK?!?!?!? im so sicl in tired of waiting GET HERE NOW!!!

peace out guys

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Yesterday was fun.
I went to school...for 1st pd haha then Tiffany Carlose and Beth were like come to the party at carloses so I was like okay. I got someone else to come too.
We got there and had fffuuunn alot of people went. They didnt even take attendance yesterday so it was okay. I hung out wiht Beth the rest of the day. Then she came and spent the night at my house. We went to Toco Bell and went by and saw willie for a little bit lol it was crazy.
Oh yeah my rents let beth drive me yesterday. To her house from mine and to Toco Bell.
It was crazy. So maybe I can do it more often coughhahacough. I just have to..."let them know" lmao
Anyways that was awesome tho so maybe they wont be stupid about other thigns and make me have to hide them.

Yep so tomorrow I have to go to my dads rents house with my sister and the rest of the family. My rents are going b/c my dad and my aunt hate each other now and shes going to be there. Its going to be awkward for me and my sis cuz the family dont liek us.
Then I go to my moms dads house for dinner and somtime going to the hospital to see my el cuzo.
Then Sunday I get to WAKE UP EARLYE and open all thoes presents that are under my tree haha. And then in a week I get the rest of my gifts when they come into the mail.
Then my moms, moms commming over and we open her gift and junk so  yup thats my weekend and its ALL planned out haha 1st time my weekend has ever been planned out in AD-vance.

merryfuckingchristmas hoe.


So I dont write in this thing anymore. just because its so ugly.
so yeah
today was good
things are going gggoooddd
xmas is soon...its a saadd time this year.
heh ill get somthing to make me happy for it ;)

PS:i used my zanga www.xanga.com/blackendays

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Carloses party is tomorrow.
Im excited...are you?
Everyones invited so everyone should go...inless you dont like taking care of "business" lol or your hated but we dont really anyone.